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Show #49 | 3/19/2008 (35 minutes)
Michael Manos on the Efficiency of Microsoft Data Centers!

Richard and Greg talk to Michael Manos, Senior Director of Data Center Services at Microsoft about building efficient data centers. Michael talks about how Microsoft is doubling its data center capacity every year and sees no end in sight, putting a heavy requirement on building efficiently. The conversation explores making greener data centers as well as the process of measuring efficiency in the data center.

Michael Manos Michael is a seasoned information systems management executive with over 15 years of industry experience and technical certifications. His strong background in IT Technology Platforms combined with telecommunications and network and service management has resulted in his work being recognized by IT industry publications and leading analyst firms including The Gartner Group and Meta Group. In his current role, Michael is responsible for the world-wide operations and construction efforts of all Internet and enterprise data centers for Microsoft Corporation. In addition to his responsibility for the on-going administrative and technical support of servers, network equipment, and data center equipment residing within these facilities, his role includes the design, construction and facility-related technology research as it relates to data center architecture. Prior to joining Microsoft, Michael was responsible for all global network and data center operations for Walt Disney Internet group. While there he was responsible for the on-going systems operation of all Disney Internet properties including Disney.com, ESPN.COM, ABC.COM, and Park and Resorts. Michael was also the Chief Technology Officer for Nuclio Corporation, a leading managed services provider, industry recognized for its integration of systems and process integration which was eventually purchased by Sun Microsystems. Michael has also held executive positions at Rhythms NetConnections (now part of Verizon), and O/E Systems, a regional integration and consulting firm in Chicago specializing in carrier-grade broadband network design. Michael attended the Illinois Institute of Technology, maintains multiple industry technical certifications and is an active industry blogger. Michael is happily married to his wife of 11 years, Angela, and has three children. He enjoys spending time with his family, outdoor activities, and has a fervent love of history.

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