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Show #383 | 8/27/2014 (33 minutes)
Security Insanity with Troy Hunt

Richard chats with Troy Hunt about some of the crazy things being said in the same of security these days. Troy's first story involves a UK cell phone company that decided that short passwords made their customer experience better - insanity! This event a number of others inspired Troy to start @infosecinsanity. Follow to see some amazing bad security statements by companies that really ought to know better. The conversation also digs into the state of affairs around SSL, why CPUs have the cycles to encrypt everything and the need to use a decent certificate in the first place.

Troy Hunt Troy Hunt is the web security guy – MVP, serial Pluralsight author and the creator of ‘Have I been pwned?’ where you can search for compromised accounts across a whole range of major data breaches covering hundreds of millions of records. If it talks over HTTP or sends angle brackets, Troy’s gonna want to break it then teach developers how to fix it again.

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