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Show #151 | 3/10/2010 (39 minutes)
Kevin Royalty Uses Home Server in Businesses!

Richard and Greg talk to Kevin Royalty about Home Server. Intended for the home, Microsoft's Home Server works great for small businesses with ten or less workstations, providing shared file services, an awesome backup solution and even remote access! Home Server offers a starting point before Small Business Server, but even after you've moved to SBS, you'll want to keep using Home Server for backup.

Kevin Royalty Since 1986, Kevin has been satisfying the needs of clients as an IT professional. As a highly successful author and consultant, with both a programming and network engineering background, he is a frequent public speaker at industry conferences and public computer shows. Kevin serves as President of the Cincinnati Network Professional Association, President of the Cincinnati Small Business Server Users Group, Board Member of Microsoft's Small Business Specialist Advisory Board, Member-at-large of the IAMCP Cincinnati chapter, and sits on the board of the Information Technology Advisory Team for the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and CincyTechUSA. Kevin has been recognized by Microsoft as a leading expert on their Small Business Server product line since 2006. The "Most Valuable Professional" (MVP) designation is a rare honor that is bestowed on a small number of people each year. It recognizes product expertise, community leadership, and willingness to help others. Kevin is a nationally known Small Business Server expert, author, and regular speaker at industry conferences. Kevin is a Computer Science graduate, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and is certified by Microsoft for support of their Small Business Server products.

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