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Show #129 | 10/7/2009 (35 minutes)
Isaac Roybal is on a Private Cloud!

Richard and Greg talk to Isaac Roybal about Microsoft's efforts in creating private cloud technologies. Private cloud focuses on using cloud technologies - within the organization's firewall. Isaac talks about how Microsoft has been using its own cloud technology internally for PSS and digs into the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit (http://www.microsoft.com/hosting/dynamicdatacenter/Home.html). Also take a look at the Private Cloud initiative at http://www.microsoft.com/privatecloud

Isaac Roybal Isaac Roybal is a Product Manager in Microsoft's Virtualization Marketing team. His responsibilities cover the Cloud Computing Infrastructure Initiative from a private cloud perspective, Dynamic Datacenter Toolkits for both hosters and enterprises and the Dynamic Datacenter Alliance. Isaac's career started in Systems and Network Engineering working with Windows Server since NT 3.51. Prior to his current role, Isaac managed Microsoft's Hyper-V and IIS product marketing efforts. He has been involved in IT for over 13 years (8 with Microsoft), received a Bachelor's of Business Administration from New Mexico Highlands University and has his MCSE certification in NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and 2003.

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