Automation using Azure with Jennelle Crothers

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How can automation help you? Richard chats with Jennelle Crothers about her work automating tasks with Azure. So what does automation mean to you? Jennelle talks about automating the delivery of resources to internal developers - whether that be on-premise or in the cloud. This is part of a DevOps practice, being able to use templates so that development is using resources configured as close to production as possible. Automation also applies to testing, deployment, instrumentation, disaster recovery and more. Will IT ever run out of work? Not a chance - there's always more to do!

Jennelle Crothers is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist who likes computer networking, server administration, dogs, quilting, popcorn and on most days, public transportation. Before joining Microsoft, Jennelle Crothers spent 15 years as a Systems Administrator "jack of all trades" overseeing Windows domains, Exchange Server, desktops and other IT systems where she struck fear into the hearts of end-users with complex password policies and email retention tags. When not thinking about technology, Jennelle volunteers with Guide Dogs for the Blind and sneaks away to read dystopian novels.

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