Scaling in the Cloud with Corey Sanders

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Of course you can scale in the cloud - but exactly how? Richard chats with Corey Sanders who goes on a whirlwind tour of the many options in Azure to help your applications be reliable and scalable. First up is a discussion on Virtual Machines and Scale Sets - rather than making separate VMs for every instance of your application, you can build them in blocks up to a thousand! After discussing the kind of problems that need a thousand of anything, Corey dives into Service Fabric and Containers, getting more fine-grained and lighter weight so that you can scale faster. And it works with existing applications as well, opening the door to moving what you have today to the cloud!

Corey Sanders has been a member of the Azure team since 2010 and with Microsoft since 2005. Corey is currently the Director of Program Management responsible for the engineering and business of Compute in the Azure team. This includes Windows VMs, Linux VMs, Service Fabric, Event Hub, Service Bus, Batch Computing, and the compute technology supporting large Microsoft services like Bing and O365.   Prior to Azure, Corey spent five years as a developer in the Windows Serviceability team. In Windows Serviceability, Corey's team owned networking, kernel, and install technologies of all released versions of Windows.

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