App Compat in Windows 10 with Chris Jackson

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What does it take to make your applications work in Windows 10? While at Ignite, Richard sat down with Chris Jackson to talk about what's hard and what's easy. Of course, it comes down to what you've done before - if you implemented Vista and/or Windows 7 by turning off User Access Control, you're going to have a surprise. While you can turn UAC off in Windows 10, it's not considered a supported configuration. Time to do some testing! Chris talks about how UAC limits access even for administrator accounts so that you know when you're actually using admin privileges. The conversation also goes to security baselines and how to test your apps cost effectively by knowing the price of failure!

Chris Jackson is the worldwide lead for Enterprise App Compat. He has worked with enterprise customers around the world to help them investigate and mitigate application compatibility issues, as well as providing instructional training about Windows application compatibility for numerous industry events. Chris has been a software developer for over 12 years, with 5 of them spent with Microsoft. His certifications include MCP, MCAD, and MCSD, and he was formerly a Microsoft Windows MVP known in the community for his technical insight and problem solving abilities. Currently, Chris resides in Chicago, IL, USA.

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