PAL Update and More with Clint Huffman

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PAL is growing up! After a few months of rest from publishing his book Windows Performance Analysis Field Guide, Richard talks to creator Clint Huffman about the latest update to PAL - Performance Analysis of Logs. PAL helps you sort out PerfMon to understand your performance problems in all sorts of Microsoft products. Clint has added a new auto-detect feature to check through your perfmon log file and know what profiles from PAL to pull in. And the latest features is the PAL Collector tool, which will analyze your machine and auto-configure PAL for data collection - and you can set it up to start on boot!

Originally from Dayton, OH. Clint joined Microsoft in 1999 supporting web technologies, Microsoft load testing tools, and later worked as a Testing Consultant helping people with load testing at the Microsoft Services Labs. There he found a passion for solving Windows performance issues. In 2006, he joined Microsoft Premier Field Engineering (PFE) to take on BizTalk performance issues only to find that most issues could be diagnosed by analyzing operating system resources. Some may say that performance analysis of Windows is more of an art than a science. Well, Clint strives to make it as much of a science as possible and to bring it to the masses. Clint is probably best known for the Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) tool, which simplifies the analysis of performance monitor logs. He is an author of many of the recent BizTalk performance guides on MSDN and recently spoke at Tech Ed 2008 on BizTalk performance analysis. If you would like to use Microsoft Premier Field Engineering (PFE) resources (onsite problem solving, training, risk assessments, etc) and if you have a Microsoft Premier Support Agreement, then contact your Microsoft Technical Account Manager (TAM). If you do not have a Microsoft Premier Support Agreement, then go to for more info.

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