UAC on Windows Client with Jeff Stokes

About Show #376

Richard talks to Jeff Stokes about the role of User Access Control (UAC) in making Windows client machines safer. Safer? Actually, the conversation starts out with the reality of UAC as it first arrived on the scene in the Vista days - an annoyance that was immediately turned off. But Jeff digs into how UAC is a part of the compatibility features of Windows. The discussion then turns to a broader discussion of the security features in Windows: Taking the time to understand them will save time and money in your organization. UAC is not the enemy!

Jeff Stokes has been in the IT industry for 17 years, initially cutting his teeth at DEC and climbing the system administrator ladder from there. He is currently a Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, prior to that he worked in the Escalation queues for Exchange Server at Microsoft as a Senior Support Escalation Engineer. He posts to the blog "Dude Where's My PFE?", the Microsoft Premier Field Engineers page on Facebook, and as well.

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