Dana Epp Fixes a Security Vulnerabilty!

About Show #170

Richard and Greg talk to Dana Epp about finding and fixing a security vulnerability. Dana tells the story of how a customer found a bug in one of Scorpion Software's products that surfaced a weakness in a Microsoft security API. Ultimately Dana describes how they altered their application to protect their application from a whole class of exploits.

As Kaseya’s Chief Technology Officer, Dana Epp is responsible for driving the company's technology strategy with a focus on accelerating innovation, product development and R&D. He has most recently served as the company’s Principal Architect for Security, Identity & Access Management, focusing on the architecture and security of the next-generation identity and access management platform for cloud-based IT management. Dana joined Kaseya in 2014 following the company’s acquisition of Scorpion Software, which Dana founded in 2002. Dana also served as Scorpion Software’s CTO and Chief Security Architect. He has spent the last 25 years focusing on software security and has been awarded the recognition and designation by Microsoft as an Enterprise Security MVP for the past ten years, and recently was appointed as a Microsoft Regional Director.

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