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How do you measure the productivity of your team? Richard talks to Angela Dugan about her work at 3Cloud, supporting groups that are primarily work-from-home and working with remote clients. What do you measure when you can't be face-to-face? Angela talks about using objective and subjective measures - time spent on a project- and how people feel about the work they are doing and the people they are doing it with. The conversation also turns to skill growth as part of measuring a team - making new skills portion of the work, sharing them with the team, and growing your value as an employee!


Recorded February 23, 2023


Angela Dugan is director of strategic engagements at 3Cloud - bringing together strong execution, strategic vision, and the voice of the customer to enhance key strategic and operational capabilities. Angela has been in the software world for over 20 years, with her experiences ranging from software developer, to ALM consultant, to Microsoft evangelist, to agile coach, to people leader, and most recently to Strategic Engagements Director. She approaches all of her roles with the ultimate goal of fostering an environment where team members thrive in a culture that values diversity, experimentation, continual improvement, and psychological safety. She leans on these values and experiences in her work with clients as well whether she is leading inception workshops, designing strategic business solutions, or acting as an advocate for organizational change. When not doing her "day job", Angela loves playing board games, pretending to be good at crafting and CrossFit and running, and is an avid gardener (when it is above freezing). She and her husband are constantly working on their 110 year old house in Oak Park, IL with the "help" of their two ornery chickens Delta and Marigold, and their rambunctious rescue dog named Sadie.

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