When Does Multi-Cloud Make Sense with Phoummala Schmitt

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Does multi-cloud make sense? Richard chats with Phoummala Schmitt about her explorations into building workloads that can survive a cloud outage. Phoummala begins the conversation with some definitions because most organizations are multi-cloud already, using more than one cloud provider. Referencing Gartner and Thoughtworks, the term "polycloud" covers that idea. Then the hard part - a workload that needs perfect uptime, even in the face of a cloud provider outage. That is a more complex and expensive proposition, but it is possible once you work through the details. The question is - is it worth it?


Recorded February 16, 2023


Phoummala Schmitt is a Cloud Architect, currently at Vanguard, focusing on building the Multi Cloud strategy for the enterprise. Prior to joining Vanguard, Phoummala held various roles from Cloud Advocacy (Microsoft) to Systems Engineering and Architecture roles building and maintaining systems.

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