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What is your approach to incident management? While at NDC London, Richard talks to Hila Fish about her work in incident management. Hila talks about understanding when you have an incident and trying to grasp the scope before acting - is it impacting customer value? The goal is to learn from an incident to stop them from happening, and often immediate mitigations, like rebooting, destroy information needed for later analysis. Making the dashboard lights turn green is not enough - you want to get to a place where they never turn red!


Recorded January 27, 2023


Hila Fish is a Senior DevOps Engineer at Wix, with 15 years of experience in the tech industry. AWS Community Builder, and a public speaker who believes the DevOps culture is what drives a company to perform at its best and talks about that and other DevOps/Infrastructure topics at conferences. She carries the vision to enhance and drive business success by taking care of its infrastructure. In her spare time, Hila is a lead singer of a cover band, giving back to the community by co-organizing DevOps-related conferences (Inc. "DevOpsDays TLV" & "StatsCraft" monitoring-focused event), providing mentorship and managing programs in "Baot" (An Israeli tech women's community), and enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge wherever she can, including across diverse technology communities, initiatives and social media.

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