Migrating to Windows 11 with Michael Niehaus

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Are you ready to move your organization to Windows 11? Richard talks to Michael Niehaus about the upcoming end of support for Windows 10 in 2025 and the pressure to get to Windows 11. Michael talks about how slow Windows 11 adoption has been, mainly because there hasn't been a significant reason to do so. But as of October 14, 2025, organizations will have to pay for long-term support - and it's cheaper to move to Windows 11. The conversation digs into how Microsoft seems to be updating Windows 11, deployment strategies, and the optimal ways to move your workforce to a new operating system.


Recorded January 12, 2023


Michael Niehaus is a Principal R&D Engineer at Tanium, joining in 2020 to focus on device deployment, provisioning, and management projects as part of the Global Technology Office team. Previously, he spent 16 years at Microsoft working on various Windows technologies, after 14 years in enterprise IT.

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