Application Identities in Azure with Martin Ehrnst

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Do your applications need identities? Richard talks to Martin Ehrnst about how all Azure resources, including your applications, need an identity to function well in the Azure ecosystem. Martin talks about registering an application with Azure AD, a process that includes a manifest showing how it should be authenticated and what resources it needs. Then to the more confusing part - the service principals that show up as enterprise applications to provide access to the application within your tenant or even across tenants! The conversation goes further into managed identities and this emerging world of many-to-many identity relationships. Ultimately it's the most powerful way to deal with access rights, but that doesn't mean it's simple!


Recorded December 14, 2022


With 17 years under his the belt, and 14 continuous years working for a Microsoft Solution Provider, Martin Ehrnst has come across a lot of things. Today Martin works at Vipps, a mobile payment platform in the Nordics, where everything runs in Azure. He has devoted a lot of his time advocating the modern IT pro role, especially automation, integration, and monitoring. When the opportunity arises he speaks at conferences and user groups, in Norway and abroad.

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