Being a SysAdmin in 2023

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It's the end of 2022, and time to reflect on the work coming up in the next year – what will it be like for SysAdmins in 2023? Richard flies solo for his annual year-in-review show, looking back on last year's predictions (including what he got wrong!) and projecting forward into 2023. Security continues to be a top priority, but the situation has evolved. Current economic conditions likely will impact your business – how does it affect your work? How will the cloud continue to evolve, and how can you take advantage of it? 2022 was another unusual year, and 2023 looks even more so – thanks for sticking with us!



Richard Campbell has spent more than 40 years playing around with microcomputers. Along the way he's done virtually every job you can imagine in the industry, from manufacturing to programming to consulting, training and writing. Today Richard is a Microsoft Regional Director, an ASP.NET MVP and co-host of .NET Rocks!, the Internet Audio Talkshow for .NET Developers ( as well as host of RunAs Radio (, the podcast for Microsoft IT Professionals. You can reach Richard at

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