Post-Pandemic Team Building with Stephanie Donahue

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The pandemic has put a lot of stress on teams - how do we make them stronger? Richard talks to Stephanie Donahue about strengthening teams and communities as we emerge from the pandemic. Steph talks about the water cooler and happy hour conversations lost the past couple of years and the value they once provided and should again. Does that mean going back to the office? What are the alternatives? Maybe the new tools can help, or we should just have lunch?


Recorded October 25, 2022


Stephanie is the Technical Community Lead at Avanade, with a focus on engaging Avanade's technical leadership communities and their passion for technology. As a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, she has been setting a strategic path from discovery to successful implementations using an innovative approach and consistent methodology. Stephanie is an active blogger and event speaker with over 10 years of experience in Teams and SharePoint projects and over 24 years in IT - from basic deployments to information architecture, content management, to business process automation. You can follow Stephanie at @stephkdonahue

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