Managed Environments for PowerApps with April Dunnam

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PowerApps are proliferating - how do you keep them under control? Richard talks to April Dunnam about managed environments for PowerApps, providing oversight and governance. April talks about the Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence Starter Kit as a way to get started in the governance model with tooling for insights, auditing, compliance, and even helping connect the folks building PowerApps in your organization. It's early days for the tooling, but worth the effort to help get PowerApps to be part of the same application lifecycle management processes that already exist in your organization!


Recorded July 15, 2022


April Dunnam is a process automation professional, a SharePoint Siren, and a Karaoke Queen. She is also a woman who codes but teaches others to build apps and automation with zero code. April is a Power Platform Developer Advocate at Microsoft with a love and passion for the Power Platform.

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