The Rogers Outage and Resiliency with Dana Epp

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On July 8, the Rogers company in Canada had a total network outage for 15 hours - what happened? Richard talks to Dana Epp about what we can learn from an outage like this. Dana talks about having an open root cause analysis to provide detailed discussion without accusation or blame. You understand the potential when you look at how the airline industry has become incredibly safe through open root cause analysis. Outages are bad - but learning from them is what makes up better!


Recorded July 15, 2022


Dana Epp has spent decades as a security architect that focuses on helping secure software, data and infrastructure. You might say he's been on and led Blue and Red Teams well before it was even a thing. When he's not helping to build and grow software companies focused on developing security tools he’s advising others on how to build and break their own applications and environments. As both a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft Security MVP for 16 years, these days he spends a great deal of time on security (de)engineering in the cloud, especially in Microsoft Azure.

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