Microsoft 365 Desired State Configuration with Nik Charlebois

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How do you keep the configuration of your Microsoft 365 resources consistent? Richard talks to Microsoft Premier Field Engineer Nik Charlebois about the evolution of Desired State Configuration. Nik talks about how his old open source project called ReverseDSC has become a part of the new Microsoft365DSC - giving you the ability to extract all the configuration and policy details from the various elements of your Microsoft 365 tenant. And once you have that file, you can compare it against other templates of Microsoft 365 tenants and apply it if you need to. Nik talks about the power of knowing exactly when your configuration gets changed for any reason, and the options available to react to that change!


Nik Charlebois is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer based in Gatineau, Quebec who specializes in SharePoint Development. He is an ex-PowerShell MVP and is the author the books “Beginning PowerShell for SharePoint 2013”, “Beginning PowerShell for SharePoint 2016”, and “Expert Office 365”. Nik joined the ranks of Microsoft in December of 2015, after spending over 13 years working as a Public Servant within several departments for the Government of Canada. He is the creator and owner of the ReverseDSC project at Microsoft, and a regular speaker at various SharePoint conferences. In the true Canuck spirit, Nik is a passionate hockey player and is also the head coach for his son’s local hockey team. As a French Canadian guy, he still struggles on a daily basis with properly pronouncing his ‘H’s in English.

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