Keeping Active Directory Data Up to Date with Chris Johnson

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How does your Active Directory data look? Richard chats with Chris Johnson of Hyperfish about how important AD personnel data is, and the terrible condition that most organizations leave it in. Chris talks about how the point of Active Directory was to be the authoritative source of personnel information in an organization - but most companies just use it for login credentials! It was Microsoft Exchange that first took on AD for all its user information, and more systems are doing so. The challenge is finding efficient ways to allow users to keep their data up to date and accurate.


Chris is an avid developer, speaker, author and is Co-Founder and CTO at Hyperfish, a software startup based in Kirkland, WA (USA). Prior to Hyperfish Chris was a Group Product Manager on the Office 365 team at Microsoft in Redmond where he led the Developer Relations and ISV Ecosystem team.   Chris is from New Zealand and moved to the USA in 2007 with Microsoft where he worked in various roles in the SharePoint and Office 365 teams. Chris’ background is in software development and enjoys all things technical. He is a speaker at numerous conferences around the world such as Microsoft Ignite, Tech.Ed, the SharePoint Conference and many smaller community events. Chris co-authored “Beginning SharePoint 2013 development” for Wrox in 2013, holds a Bachelor of Computer Science & enjoys throwing himself out of perfectly good airplanes from time to time.

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