The Infrastructure Release Pipeline with Steve Murawski and Michael Greene

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How do you manage your infrastructure like its code? Enter the release pipeline! Richard chats with Steven Murawski and Michael Greene about their recent white paper on the Release Pipeline Model. The conversation digs into the stages of developing and management configuration-as-code, including source code management, building, testing and deploying. There's a ton of tooling around each of these aspects, what you choose is very personal - and it makes sense to use what you already have onsite. Michael and Steven also dig into crisis management - taking advantage of the pipeline to respond more effectively when there are problems, and to help make sure those problems never happen again!


Steven is a Principal Engineer on the Community Engineering team at CHEF and a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP. Steven is active in the Chef, PowerShell, and DevOps communities, locally and online. Prior to arriving at CHEF, Steven was a sysadmin for Microsoft focused infrastructures - most notably at Stack Overflow, where he pioneered the use of Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration on Windows Server operating systems.

Michael Greene is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft in the Enterprise Cloud Group division. Michael is the PowerShell & DevOps lead for the CAT team (Customers, Architecture, and Technology). He drives customer feedback in the areas of management and automation, creates content to improve the customer experience, and provides a connection to engineering for projects that are adopting new products and technologies. Previously he worked in Office 365 operations where he gained experience using PowerShell to manage environments at cloud scale.

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