Bill Graziano Tunes Up Our SQL Server Queries!

About Show #103

Richard and Greg talk to Bill Graziano about performance tuning in SQL Server. Bill digs into using SQL Profiler to focus on where the problems lie. The discussion digs into the procedure cache and how you can optimize your queries for caching. He also talks about ClearTrace, a free tool he distributes to help understand trace data. Check it out at


Bill Graziano specializes in SQL Server performance tuning and server management. Bill has nearly twenty years of database management experience. He started working with Sybase on a Unix platform back before it became Microsoft SQL Server. He's worked with every version of SQL Server Microsoft has released. Bill has been a Microsoft MVP for SQL Server for four years. He is on the Board of Directors for PASS, the global user group for SQL Server professionals, where he is the Vice President of Marketing. Bill is a regular presenter at the PASS conference and various user groups. Bill formerly worked for accenture and Empower Trainers & Consultants.

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