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Show #365 | 4/23/2014 (33 minutes)
Heartbleed with Troy Hunt

Hot off of last week's news about Heartbleed, Richard talks to Troy Hunt about the size and scope of the problem. Heartbleed is the cool name (and logo) given to a weakness in the OpenSSL library. The news has been hyped, but the exploit is real and there's really no way to know what data has been compromised. And if you don't run OpenSSL on your servers, do you know what your networking gear runs? After you're done listening to the show, check out Troy's awesome blog post on Heartbleed and do some checks on your systems. You'll be glad you did!

Troy Hunt Troy Hunt is the web security guy – MVP, serial Pluralsight author and the creator of ‘Have I been pwned?’ where you can search for compromised accounts across a whole range of major data breaches covering hundreds of millions of records. If it talks over HTTP or sends angle brackets, Troy’s gonna want to break it then teach developers how to fix it again.

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